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Welcome to New Muslims eLearning site. It is for new Muslim converts who would like to learn their new religion in an easy and systematic way. Lessons here are organized under levels. So first you go to lesson 1 under level 1. Study it and then take its quiz. When you pass it move on to lesson 2 and so on. Best wishes.

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New Lessons This Week

Intimate Issues

Published on 18 Sep 2017

Description: A brief guide to intimate issues and bedroom etiquette according to the laws of Islam.

Intimate-Issues.jpgThe primary sources of Islam, the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, together form a comprehensive guide to life.  Thus, Islam is a holistic religion that takes into account emotional and physical health as well as spiritual needs.   Looking after our health and wellbeing is very important and this includes our sexual wellbeing.  Islam does not shy away from this topic rather it addresses it openly.  (Read more...)

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