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Welcome to New Muslims eLearning site. It is for new Muslim converts who would like to learn their new religion in an easy and systematic way. Lessons here are organized under levels. So first you go to lesson 1 under level 1. Study it and then take its quiz. When you pass it move on to lesson 2 and so on. Best wishes.

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New Lessons This Week

Good Morals (part 2 of 2)

Published on 30 Nov 2015

Description: Two lessons will explain a variety of good morals in Islamic ethics to make us better human beings.

Excerpt: The human society cannot function without the institution of promises and assurances of their fulfillment.  It is obligatory to fulfil promises and covenants, and it is haram to break them and act in a treacherous manner.  Allah says, “And fulfil (every) covenant.  Indeed! the covenant, will be questioned about.” Fulfilling promises is a means of attaining security in this world and preventing bloodshed, and of protecting the rights of people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, as Allah says: “but if they seek your help in religion, it is your duty to help them except against a people with whom you have a treaty of mutual alliance, and Allah is the All-Seer of what you do”. (Read more...)