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About This Site

Welcome to New Muslims eLearning site. It is for new Muslim converts who would like to learn their new religion in an easy and systematic way. Lessons here are organized under levels. So first you go to lesson 1 under level 1. Study it and then take its quiz. When you pass it move on to lesson 2 and so on. Best wishes.

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New Lessons This Week

The Fruits of Taqwa (part 2 of 2)

Published on 21 Apr 2014

Description: What our righteous predecessors thought about taqwa and some tips for increasing our consciousness of Allah. 

Excerpt: In the previous lesson we examined the fruits of taqwa by looking at several verses from the Quran.  From this we learned that taqwa was a desirable characteristic that believers needed to strive for; that striving would in turn bring the believer innumerable benefits.  In this lesson we will look at what the salaf had to say about taqwa.  These men, women and children would analyse their taqwa, however they would never claim to be the possessor of taqwa.  This was something they considered to be between them and Allah, because Allah said the following in the Quran: “… So do not claim yourselves to be pure; He knows best who has taqwa.” (Quran 53:32) (Read more...)